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Born In 1999 Asia Benedetto is an Italian artist who lives between Milan and London. She graduated with honors from Liceo Artistico B. Jacovitti in Termoli and, after the first year of living in the United Kingdom where she came into contact with the lively London art scene, she decided to graduate from the Brera Academy of Fine arts in Milan. Of an expressionist nature, her artistic research in expressed purely through the pictorial medium, focusing on a ''lyrical'' vision of painting where the artistic expression is triggered starting form the relationship between image ad support (quoting F. Menna ''the binomial between surface and representation'').​

Her pictorial matter takes charge of her personal investigation of psychological and emotional process, of the conflict between the individual and the collective psyche and how these process are experienced in the sexual bodily condition. Furthermore we find a meditation on existential of the viewer by proposing a transference between the work and the viewer through process of recognition ad projection. Particular emphasis falls on the gaze, since the eyes give access to that sensory state from which inner communication arises.​However, all of this is also supported by studies on cloud, adapted to the concept of magnetic field '' where their spatial arrangement and chromatic combination weave the spiritual depth that only color can restore. An artistic research that thus draws its roots from the introspection of the Northern European school, mediated by the influence of the Italian analytical movement.

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